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Creating a Chain Reaction of Kindness

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After Luke passed away, it was so important for us to keep his memory alive and continue his story in a way that would make people smile. We would do random acts of kindness, leaving our "Pay It Forward" cards behind.  Whether it be at a restaurant, a fast-food chain, a car wash, a grocery store, it would most often cause the receiver to carry it on, and it was such an amazing thing to witness. It’s incredible how even a small gesture can touch the hearts of so many.


Our followers have requested the "Pay It Forward" cards so that they can join our crusade and make a difference. We have gotten such beautiful messages over the years from people searching us out, who have been on the receiving end of a "Pay It Forward" in honor of Luke and were inspired to let us know that they would keep it going.  Like that, it would cause a chain reaction of kindness, which has meant the world to us. 


We would love to expand on this movement, get creative and ask you to join us in our mission to spread joy and make someone's day, make someone smile in honor of Luke.



Pay it forward ideas:

  • restaurants

  • car washes

  • gas fill-ups

  • coffee

  • groceries

  • dry cleaning

Every year on Luke’s birthday (February 20th), we choose a family to gift. As well as choosing a family at CCMC to gift to on the anniversary of Luke’s passing (August 12th).


We love receiving ideas and getting submissions for our Pay It Forwards! Please click on the link below 

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