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We are happy to announce that our L4L $5 Donation Chain fundraiser raised $10,000 for five selected families battling pediatric cancer. As a part of our 5th-anniversary, we chose this fundraiser to initiate a Pay it Forward donation chain. People donated a minimum of $5 and then passed it along to encourage others to help.

Meet the families:

Luca is currently re-battling Neuroblastoma. He was initially diagnosed last May and then was declared cancer-free in late October. Unfortunately, he just got the news on February 11th that his Cancer is back.

Finley is 22 months old and fighting the battle of her life. She was admitted an MRI revealed a brain tumor in/near her cerebellum with some hydrocephalus. She was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma.

Hannah is a vibrant and loving girl who lights up the room. She turns 15 in two weeks and has been battling metastatic osteosarcoma Since August 2019.

Jacob turned four years old in January and was diagnosed with stage 2 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Anneliese was brought to the emergency room on February 2nd, where a CT scan showed a mass, and the MRI showed a lemon-sized tumor. Finally, the surgery on February 4th revealed Anneliese had cancer. The diagnosis was ETMR. (ETMR) are rare small round blue cell tumors of the central nervous system and are among the most aggressive brain tumors usually encountered in children.

Help Us Continue To Make a Difference!

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